All my career I have helped agencies build their brands and grow. I thought it would be worthwhile sharing the three key lessons I’ve learnt over the years.

  1. Don’t try and be all things to all people. Most agencies, certainly in the regions, work across a broad range of sectors and provide a mix of services. This usually leads to talk about the value of the generalist or the creation of a seemingly endless stream of specialist offerings, often across a small team. A strong reputation is based on a truth, an expertise that is evident in everything you do. This can drive a wider offer, but no-one was ever asked to deliver a keynote speech on ‘marketing stuff’.
  2. Act like the agency you want to be. On a very simple level, don’t shout about every little piece of work you do, position your brand in the market by demonstrating you work with prospective clients peers.
  3. Word of mouth shouldn’t be a passive lead generation channel. If you tell me that 80 percent of your business comes through recommendation, you should have a structured programme in place to generate referrals. If you have happy clients, they won’t mind referring you, but recognise they may need a prompt.


Director, Campfire PR